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Litera Shakti Cell- How educated mother creates a positive impact in family.????

Dear parents, The best lines for a woman are - "Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation", said Napolean Bonaparte in the 18th Century." It should come as no surprise that better educated women tend to be healthier, participate more in the formal labor market, earn higher incomes and enable better health care and education for their children. Thus it is easy to say that educated mothers lift households, communities, and nations out of poverty. Today ninth member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Miss Vaibhavi Choudhary of grade 6 C is here to let you know about - How educated mother creates a positive impact in family.????

Litera Shakti Cell- Contribution of female professionals in today's workforce.

Dear Parents, “Our dream of New India is an India where women are empowered, strengthened, where they become equal partners in the all-round development of the country.” It is heartening to see the women in our country are making slow yet sure strides in being equals in every sphere of life.  Women help build an inspiring work culture by bringing in healthy competition, fostering teamwork, bonding and thereby helping the company grow to its full potential.  Always remember : "There is no force powerful than a woman determined to rise." Today eighth member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Miss Aarna Choudhary of grade 7 B is here to let you know about - Contribution of female professionals in today's workforce????

"Litera Shakti Cell"- Female Role Model - Hima Das

Dear Children, Nicknamed ‘Dhing Express’, Hima Das is a 19-year-old Indian sprinter from the state of Assam. She became the first Indian woman to win a Gold Medal in any format of a global track event at IAAF World U20 Championship. Always remember: “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more,learn more, and do more then, you are an excellent Role Model.” Today, seventh member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Miss Navya Sharma of Grade VIII C, is here to let you know about - Female Role Model - Hima Das????

"Litera Shakti Cell"- Contribution of Girls/ Women in sports

Dear parents, Among Indians who are into sports there are a number of women as well. Today we celebrate the contribution of women in sports. These are women who have worked hard, taken the path less trodden and represented the country internationally. Women in sports have come a long way, but there’s still a way to go. One positive thing for women in sports to remember is: The only one who can tell you “you can’t win” is you and you don’t have to listen. Today, sixth member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Miss Rasmeet Kaur of Grade VII B, is here to let you know about - Contribution of Girls/ Women in sports"????

Litera Shakti Cell- "Role Model - Rani Laxmi Bai"

Dear parents, Indian history has not yet witnessed a woman warrior as brave and powerful as the Rani of Jhansi, Rani Lakshmi Bai. She martyred herself in a struggle to attain Swaraj and liberate the Indians from the British rule. Rani Lakshmi Bai is a glorious example of patriotism and national pride. She is an inspiration and an admiration for all women. Her name is thus written in golden letters in the history of India and will always stay in the heart of every Indian. Today, fifth member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Ms. Mahi Madan of Grade VII C, is here to let you know about - "Role Model - Rani Laxmi Bai"???? "A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.”

Litera Shakti Cell Fourth Member

Dear parents, As you know, even in the modern days, women are still heavily under represented in fields pertaining to Science and Technology. But women are much better off than they were a mere century ago — and it's all thanks to the female scientists who pioneered the way in the past. Today, fourth member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Ms. Poorvi Khandelwal of Grade VII A, is here to let you know about - "Contribution of Women/ Girls in Science & Technology."???? ""There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

Litera Shakti Cell Third Member

Dear parents, Today, third member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Ms. Fatima of Grade VI B, is here to let you know - "Why education for girls is important for holistic development of a country?" ???? "IF WE EDUCATE A MAN, WE EDUCATE AN INDIVIDUAL. BUT IF WE EDUCATE A WOMAN, WE EDUCATE A NATION." With your help, we can educate girls who may not otherwise have the chance to learn, and changing the course of their lives.

Litera Shakti Cell Second Member

Dear parents, Today, the second student of Litra Shakti Group of nine students, Ms. Mahi Singh, Class 9-B will give information about the various beneficial schemes being run by the Uttarakhand government and the central government for the upliftment of students. Watch this video carefully and take advantage of these schemes. '' To empower women they need to liberate them in all aspects of their mind, thoughts, rights, decisions etc. leaving social and family boundaries. Men and women need to be respected and acted equally. I'm going to have a good time

Litera Shakti Cell

Dear Parents, Today, first member of our "Litera Shakti Cell" Ms. Y. Kavya of Grade VIII A, is here to let you know about a broad range of varius schemes being run by Uttarakhand and Central Government for girls. Please see the video and get benefits of these schemes. ???? "Smiling face of every girl is the signature of God’s presence."

"Story Telling Activity"- "Having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body."

"Having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body." The Mental Health Week is observed from 4th to 10th October every year. To observe Mental Health Week Mount Litera Zee School, Roorkee organised a Story telling activity through ZOOM Meeting app by the teachers for the students of Grades-1 to 5 on October 10, 2020, where teachers highlighted the different components of mental well being by the story telling method.

Online Declamation Competition

Mount Litera Zee School Roorkee organised Online Declamation Competition for the students of Grade 6 to 8. The topic was "There will be increase in poverty and inequalities at a global scale due to looming Covid-19". The motto of the competition was to make students participate, while competing and thriving for doing better.

Yoga Day Practice

Phy. Edu. deptt. of MLZS Roorkee inspires the students to practice yoga as a daily routine unites and balances the connection of body, mind and soul...A healty body is must for a healthy mind.

Grade-1 Hindi

Teacher teaching.., ???? ?????? ?? ????? ????


UKG Online Class

Grade- 3 English

Grade-3 English Online Class

Grade- 5 Smart online teaching by the talented Teacher of MLZS Roorkee

Grade 5: Art and craft Topic: 3D drawing. Steps to be followed:- ?Put today's date and topic. ?Use a pencil to draw as shown in the video. ?You can do this in your old or rough drawing book . If both are not available you can draw on an A4 size paper.

COLORS OF INDIA...celebrating unity in diversity

Our country's rich ancient culture strike people with awe and wonder. One is left breathless and gasping at its sheer vastness and complexity. It is also the world’s largest democracy.Students of Grade 2and 3 enjoyed the colours of the nation by participating and witnessing the diverse culture of various states of India on Jan 23 and 27,2020. This ancient land called Bharat or India is so fantastic in colours, dresses, diets, deities, religions, sects, climates, backgrounds, languages, races, faces and what not, that presents an inexhaustible experience of unity amidst diversity and variety. Students enjoyed the food, dance and dress of the four states which are Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Uttar Pradesh and Assam. They were enlightened about the historical, political , environmental and geographical facts about these states along with the prominent personalities of each state. It was a great enjoyable learning for the students. ADVERTISEMENTS:

Republic Day Celebration 26 Jan,2020

Lets stay true to the Indian constitution and pristine old culture of our nation to uphold the spirit of unity.

Krishna Janmastami

Krishna… a perfect personification of divinity, hundreds of millions of people pray to him, chant his names, meditate on his form and try to put his teachings into practice. His life has inspired a treasure house of poetry, music, painting, sculpture and other fine arts. His glory is unsurpassable.

Dussehra celebration 2019

The festival of victory of good over evil and the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana was celebrated at MLZS Roorkee on Oct 5, 2019 before the school was closed for a three day dussehra holidays. It is a festival celebrated to culminate the 9 day long Durga Pooja when Goddess Durga is worshipped in 9 different forms which symbolises SHAKTI or the power of women to fight against anything evil or wrong. MLZS Roorkee wishes everyone a very Happy Dussehra !!! May Lord Rama bless us all with everything good and keeps us away from everything evil.

5th International Yoga Day

5th International Yoga Day was celebrated by the teachers/staff at MLZS Roorkee with great enthusiasm. Instructors demonstrated various asanas followed by various teachers/staff. After warmup exercises all the teachers and other staff members were made aware about the health benefits of different yoga asanas. Principal encouraged teachers to practice regular yoga to remain fit. The asanas were also demonstrated through ppt for the teachers.

Parent Orientation-2019

Parent Orientation was organised at MLZS Roorkee on April 27,2019 for the parents of the students of grade LKG and UKG. It was a great experience for the parents to know about the new pedagogy of ZEE learn and about the overall activities and curriculum of their children.

Ritu Utsav

MLZS Roorkee celebrated the First Annual Function of its Junior section ( grade KG and 1) on Nov 24,2018. The theme of the programme was 'Seasons-Ritu Utsav' ( celebrating human existence with nature). It was a colorful evening for all the students and guests as it was all about beauty of each season of nature. Tiny tots definitely enjoyed performing on the stage and the audience was spell bound and mesmerized with their performance.

AAHVAAN December 01, 2018

MLZS Roorkee celebrated its first Annual Day on Dec 1,2018. The theme of the programme was ' invoke the divinity within you in search of a just society'. It was indeed a wonderful day for all the Mount Literans to feel proud for themselves for hosting such a lovely annual day function. The theme had a social message to stop and fight against the global menace of terrorism. More than six hundred students performed and rocked the stage . The proud parents of all the students enjoyed the wholesome entertainment with good music ,dance and drama with delicious snacks and hot tea and coffee. Brig. Raju Aggarwal graced the occasion with his presence as Chief Guest along with his better half Mrs Monica Aggarwal . The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief guest and ended with National Anthem.